CANCELLED - Life in a box



Two immigrants from the West travel to the East. One seeks the economic stability, another wants the freedom. However, both are united by the urge to leave their home country in order to search for a “better life”, to escape a disaster, to escape the routine.
The original play will be adapted without using text and transported into the dystopian futurism to reflect on actual problematics – such as (im)migration and climate change/disaster. We find ourselves somewhere in the near future where the most of planet is flooded with water and the most of the remaining land is in an uninhabitable living condition. So, our two heroes are fleeting in order to find a “comfortable” place to live – somewhere in the North (Siberia), searching for a “better” life on a “boat” that is not a boat.

Domovoi show
With Nikolas Stocker and Igor Mamlenkov

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