Conferenza - L'opera di un architetto: Paolo Zanini - Cavergno 1871 - Lugano 1914”



Paolo Zanini emerged at the beginning of the 20th century as an influential architect in Ticino. His work covers the entire cantonal territory, from Valmaggia to Lugano, where he is the author of the city's monumental cemetery, one of the most important in Switzerland. The exhibition relies on a rich archive of original documents donated by his heirs and documents from public and private archives, complemented by contemporary photographs by Marcelo Villada Ortiz and writings by architectural historians.


The set of projects presented to visitors in the beautiful spaces of the Museo di Valmaggia in Cevio, shows how during the 20 years of his short professional life, the architect Paolo Zanini (Cavergno 1871 - Lugano 1914) designed and built almost everywhere in Ticino, from Faido to Mendrisio, passing through its Maggia valley, to the towns of Locarno, Muralto, Bellinzona and Lugano, privileging institutional buildings or those of great impact and contributing with other colleagues to create the urban image of the Ticino towns at the beginning of the last century. In addition to the period drawings presented in the exhibition and in the catalog, it was therefore decided to give visitors an up-to-date look at Zanini's buildings still present in our territory. This is thanks to the fascinating images of the photographer Marcelo Villada Ortiz, who has captured and enhanced the contemporaneity.

The official presentation on site, due to the pandemic, has been postponed to April 24, but we invite you anyway already from April 3, to visit the interesting exhibition and the spaces of the Museum located in Cevio Vecchio, a site that also offers enchanting cues for walks and visits of the paths, among which the didactic one that presents more than 60 grottos located among the boulders of a large landslide behind Palazzo Franzoni, seat of the Museum.

The exhibition has been curated by the foundation Archivi Architetti Ticinesi



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