Dall’Abisso alla Zucca

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I remember the serigraphic stems, and the warmth of five hundred candles, the shaved metal heads and the image as if standing in a temple of fertility between life an death—along with life you are endowed with death—and then… dall’Abisso alla Zucca («From the Abyss to the Pumpkin»)…

It was the year 1987 and Via Cittadella 6 was alive with movement. To begin with the cellar where international musicians played music in an unaware and desolate town. There was the atelier or the place where Franco Lafrancas held his exhibition… where he took photographs with the light of gunpowder or simply the contrail of light… the rest is history of the people who were there or who were not, «ask the dust» it doesn’t matter… Energy movement and life… From these ashes would emerge Franco Lafrancas serigraphic and art print house l’Impressione. And there I would meet Peter Stiefel, Franco’s big brother with his many tales to tell, true or untrue they may be. And history repeats itself ad infinitum, always, similar, identical, at the forefront.

With the artists Franco Lafranca, Peter Stiefel and Niska.

Exhibition curated by Giuseppe De Giacomi.


Vernissage: Saturday 8th September 2018, at 6 p.m.


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