Diario di un brutto anatroccolo


As part of the festival Rassegna A’ToutPublic.

Theater show with the company Factory Compagnia Transadriatica and TIR Danza.


A theater and dance on the theme of diversity / identity and integration through a simple and evocative language. A duckling, a pretext to tell a true journey of formation in search of himself and his place in the world and the discovery of diversity as a qualifying and valuable element. The birth and rejection by the family, the school and the bullying, the world of work, the love that comes unexpectedly and that can soon disappear even due to external causes not attributable to us, hunting and then the war as inexplicable horror in the eyes of anyone, stages of a hostile world, perhaps, but that will remain so only until our "duckling" will not be able to look into the eyes and accept as it is.

Without words.

From 8 years.


from H.C. Andersen
by Tonio De Nitto
with Ilaria Carlucci, Francesca De Pasquale, Luca Pastore and Fabio Tinella
choreographic movement: Annamaria De Filippi
music: Paolo Coletta
scenes: Roberta Dori Puddu
construction of objects: Luigi Conte
costumes: Lapi Lou
costume maker: Maria Rosaria Rapanà
lights: Davide Arsenio
directed by Tonio De Nitto
production: Factory Compagnia Transadriatica e TIR Danza



adults: CHF 25.00
AVS: CHF 20.00
students: CHF 15.00
children from 3 until 19 years: CHF 10.00


Info and booking: 091 792 21 21, [email protected]



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