Doppio concerto: Canto Difonico + PF - Pessoa Física / rassegna OSA!



Double concert
Overtone Singing with Giovanni Bortoluzzi e Ilaria Orefice.
The duet combines the traditional singing of Tuvan and Sardinian traditions, with unique instruments such as shruti box, overtone-flutes from Slovakia, mouth-harps and percussions. The performance becomes quickly a journey, where the listener travels towards the ancestral vibrations of the four natural elements: water, wind, earth and fire.

PF - 'Pessoa Física' Performance by and with Charles Raszl
A long journey through body-music, voice, dance and Brazilian stories, led to this original production. The influence of the various European and African cultures, and of the native people of South America, the Indios, forms the complex cultural plurality and the beauty born of this encounter, represents the contemporary Brazil. "PF- Pessoa Física" is a personal interpretation, a glimpse, a point of view, that through dance and music wants to share and communicate the symbols of the Brazilian collective imagination.

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