Eranos Tagung 2019


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Seminars with the participation of several speakers, in collaboration with the Ph.D. program in Transcultural Studies in Humanities, University of Bergamo, and the Ph.D. program in Philosophy, University of Pisa and University of Florence.

In program: The Names of The Absolute.
Conferences in Italian and in French.

God, Being, One, All, Beginnings, Eternity, Origin - these are names through which, over the centuries, humanity has tried to name something that is beyond the visible (and perhaps beyond reason) and yet establishes and penetrates it, giving it form and meaning. Something which, however, always resides beyond our cognitive, logical, and rational capacities, and which nevertheless is not completely precluded from experience or intuition: a foundation with which reason and knowledge never cease to confront each other, but never succeed in coming to terms with it because of an incommensurability that puts our own finitude into play. How many and which names have been given to the 'Absolute'? What does this need to name what knowledge meets as unmanageable and ultimately unknowable answer?

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