Esposizione Leo Kürzi e Mariann Roth


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Mariann Roth, painter, and Leo Kürzi, sculptor, active in Ticino and for many years in Umbria
Mariann Roth’s paintings are conspicuous for the intensity and variability of color.
She paints mainly geometrical structures, often inserting texts. The technique is the antique
tempera which uses pigments, casein or egg yolk on a plastered canvas. Often on these canvases she introduces pieces of metal sheets or other objects which she finds on her excursions.

Leo Kürzi’s sculptures are transformations of the artist’s feelings into forms of stones.
These metamorfosis don’t’ have titles because they would only limit the personal association of the viewer.
The sculptor works mainly with stone, preferably with Italian marble.
Small bronze sculptures complete the bigger works.
Since a few years he works also with iron. From old pieces of agricultural machinery he creates figures with much irony.


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