Esposizione opere del concorso "What's Dada?"


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At Punto P
Via Ai Saleggi 5
6600 Locarno

Friday 11 June 2021, from 9 pm
Exhibition of the selected works
of “What's Dada?” contest

PIZZAGATE is the new art space in Locarno, consisting of the windows of the Punto P pizzeria, in via Ai Saleggi 5, next to Studio Vacchini and the large roundabout.
Friday 11 June at 9 pm the first PIZZAGATE exhibition opens with the finalist works of the "WHAT'S DADA?" competition, open to everyone and inspired by the Dadaist movement.
The works had to try to answer the question "What is Dada?", In a free, personal way and be made on the support of a closed or open pizza box, with any technique.
Soon the jury of contemporary art experts and Dada, composed of Una Szeemann, Noah Stolz and Riccardo Lisi, will choose among the works on display the winning ones three prizes made available by Punto P.

So we propose a tasty cultural tour for Friday 11 June: first, from 6 pm, the vernissage of the Deriva Continental exhibition at la rada (in via della Morettina 2) and then, from 9 pm, a few meters from there, the exhibition of the works exhibited in the PIZZAGATE window of the "WHAT'S DADA?" and some slices of pizza offered there!

Contacts for information: [email protected] - tel. 091 7512626


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