Explorations in Bauhaus spaces


A performance by Tiziana Arnaboldi with the Compagnia Junior Marchepied from Lausanne.


Young dancers of the Junior Marchepied company will work for two weeks with choreographer Tiziana Arnaboldi at the Teatro San Materno, built in 1928 by architect Carl Weidemeyer. Together they will explore Bauhaus architecture, its interior and exterior spaces, some 100 years since the birth of the artistic movement.

The dancers are training to become aware of how, in each specific space of the theatre, the great inventiveness of the Bauhaus movement can be perceived. Each place acquires a multifunctional character, the spaces becoming a real hothouse of creativity.

The public is invited on Saturday 29 June to experience the various spaces, both from a physical and an emotional point of view, in which reality and imagination go hand in hand. This will be a danced itinerary, aiming to enlighten the gaze of both actors and visitors alike.


Tickets: CHF 10.00

The seats are not numbered.

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