Festa al Colle S. Anna



Folk festival on the mountain Pass S. Anna (near Indemini, in Gambarogno), 1342 m.a.s. 

It is possible to walk uphill via Monte Gambarogno and the Alp of Cedullo starting from Neggia (apporx. 2,5 h), or starting from Indemini (1h), from Monti di Vairano (1h30) or from Monti di Gerra (1h30).

One can fly by helicopter from Indemini too.

The program of the day:
09.00h - 11.00h: Helicopter flights (without reservations)
11.15h: S. Messa in the small church of S. Anna
12.15h:  Lunch with polenta, spezzatino, cheese, and so on.
14.30h: Vespers withs procession
15.30h: Helicopter flights

Music with the Bandella dei Soci.

Organized by the Gruppo Manifestazioni Indemini-S. Anna.


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