Feste al Lago

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Folk festival at the lakeshore of Minusio: at 17.00h, bar opening and bbq.


Thursday 26th July 2018
at 17.00h, bar opening and bbq
at 22.15h: concerts of Dog's Roses and The Unknown

Friday 27th July 2018
at 17.00h, bar opening and bbq
at 21.30h: concert with Vaskomplotto, special guests Andrea Innesto (Cuchia) + Andrea Braido

Saturday 28th July 2018
1st Nodada da Minüs: Mappo - Portigon
at 17.00h, bar opening and bbq
at 22.00h: concert with The Acusticom Band

Sunday 29th July 2018
at 17.00h, Vin, pan e salam (wine and traditional local food tasting)
Concert with Akka (Abba Tribute Band)


Free entry.



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