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This international music and theatre festival takes place in the magic back garden of the Teatro Paravento in Locarno. The festival will present shows in Italian, mute representations as well as shows in German and French.

The program of this year's edition:

Monday 29.07.2019: Peter Shub - Stand up and fall down
Tuesday 30.7.2019: Teatro Sociale Bellinzona - Natasha took the bus
Wednesday 31.07.2019: Compagnia Dukto - Cafuné
Thursday 01.08.2019: Karakorum Teatro - Simplon
Friday 02.08.2019: 3 Chef  - The Last Supper
Saturday 03.08.2019: Jashgawronsky Brothers - Popbins
Sunday 04.08.2019: Teatro Paravento - Jemmy Button

Free entry to the festival, contributions welcome.

More info: www.teatro-paravento.ch.


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