Gaby Lüthi and Francesco Mariotta - Le mille e una golena


Thousand and a motive to love our friend, the flood plain.


In his shelter situated in the flood plaid of a river, a shy boy named Greg happens to wake up the river genie. Like Aladin’s spirit, he will not find peace before he has granted three wishes to his saviour. While he makes his wishes, Greg will go on an exctiting journey that will gift him with better self-esteem. The journey will also unveil a higher wish: a wish for himself, for the flood plain, for everyone, while trying to resolve the problem of the conflictual love between Nature and Mankind.

From the age of 8 - In Italian.


Ticket prices:

adults CHF 20.00
students CHF 15.00
children up to 14 years CHF 10.00

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