Il mangiatore di pietre - Anteprima


Swiss preview of the film Il mangiatore di pietre, directed by Nicola Bellucci.

In a remote mountain valley, the former human trafficker Cesare (Luigi Lo Cascio) discovers a corpse. The Commissioner Di Meo (Ursina Lardi) suspects the local drug mafia. And when Cesare learns that a group of refugees was left behind on an alp, he decides to set out on his own to bring them back to safety. Soon he is face to face with an unexpected opponent...

Partially filmed in Ticino, Nicola Bellucci’s noir is a stylish adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Davide Longo, a story that has maintained particularly poignant in the face of the current refugee drama.


directed by Nicola Bellucci  

with Luigi Lo Cascio, Ursina Lardi, Bruno Todeschini, Vincenzo Crea, Leonardo Nigro, Elena Radonicich

running time: 108 min.

genre: film - Italy 2018

language: Italian

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