Il paese dei Balocchi


As part of the festival The enchanted castle - 20th International puppet theatre festivalThe toys village. 7 SHOWS games and party.


In program games with recycled materials, puppets in Italian and a party:

Un carico di giochi - with guixotde8, Spain
An extraordinary playground, where common objects become wonderful new games. 

L'Imbuteatro - with the Teatro Pan (www.teatro-pan.ch)
Short stories told to a single person at a time though tubs and funnels.

Il circo dei burattini - with the company Il cerchio tondo  (www.ilcerchiotondo.it)
Funny puppets perform the life in a circus, in Italian.

La luna nuova - with Paolo Sette (teatropuntinorosso.blogspot.com)
A little sick princess asks the moon to recover, puppets, suitable even for little children, in Italian.

Burattini da camera - with Paolo Sette
Puppet show for adults, in Italian.

Per un pugno di bulloni, with the Teatro Correquetepillo (Chile)
Micro-Western in Italian style; theater of objects.


In case of bad weather the shows will be organised in the foyer of the Palacinema.


More info: www.teatro-fauni.ch.



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