La notte blu a Foroglio



The Blue Night in Foroglio
A blue night, like the light of the famous film.
A night in the country of the great waterfall.
With the writer Fabio Andina,
the singer-songwriter Paolo Tomamichel
and two documentaries from the 50s.

18.45-19.45 "Spazi La Froda"
two vintage films

19.45-20.45 "Sagrato oratorio"
Meeting with Fabio Andina

21.15 "capannone"
Paolo Tomamichel in concert with the Banda Stralüsch

22.45 "capannone"
Paolo Tomamichel with the Gyrumetha

00.15 Bonfire of the 1st of August (only in case of good weather)

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