Lesung «Schiffbruch und Wahrheit» mit Andres Bruetsch


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Reading with Andres Bruetsch: In his first novel, in a captivating and at the same time sensitive way, he draws the deceptive picture of a model family that collapses within eighteen days:
"You can get it if you really want" – what Jimmy Cliff sang is Patrick Girard's credo. And he always wanted a lot: the best degree, the best wife, the best daughter.
However, he did not achieve the best election result as a government councilor when he was re-elected. Who cares: He's been elected and there will be a party tomorrow evening.
But the night before the election party, Patrick runs over a kayaker in his motorboat.
At the moment of the greatest panic, he makes the wrong decision and drives away. For Patrick there are no problems, only challenges. And that is why he is convinced that he will get out of this dramatic situation safely. But the shrewd politician and lawyer gets more and more entangled in his construct of justifications and lies.

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