LocarnoFolk 2020 - Linguamadre


This musical reinterpretation in a contemporary key of Pier Paolo Pasolini's collection of Italian poems, which follows the thematic thread of the "mother" - as the central figure of much popular poetry and as a language - is proposed by four young musicians among the most interesting and creative talents of the new Italian folk: the Piedmontese brothers Nicol├▓ and Simone Bottasso, the Friulian singer Elsa Martin and the Calabrian multi-instrumentalist Davide Ambrogio. The voices of Elsa Martin and Davide Ambrogio dialogue with the violin, trumpet and diatonic accordion of the Duo Bottasso and with the guitar, lyre and bagpipe of Ambrogio himself to give back sound and voice to riddles, songs of the earth, lullabies, songs of the Resistance and songs of war.


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