LocarnoFolk 2020 - Red Sonja


Lolomis' latest album, Red Sonja, is inspired by the heroine of the same name, the barbarian warrior with supernatural powers, best known as a comic book character. The four young French musicians Romane Claudel-Ferragui, Elodie Messmer, Stélios Lazarou and Louis Delignon have appropriated this figure "to give back the words to all those women who have too often lost them: daily warriors thrown into the world of love, life and death... heroines, dreamers, seducers, shamanesses...". Fascinated by the repertoires of Eastern Europe, they manage to synthesize their different musical backgrounds (jazz, ancient and classical music, improvisation), drawing on various influences such as electronic music, trance and pop, to create a unique, surprising, hypnotic sound.


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