LocarnoFolk Events 2019 - Violons Barbares


Concert series LocarnoFolk Events 2019 with Violons Barbares, rock of the steppes. In collaboration with osa!.


Balkan melodies, galloping rhythms and majestic throat singing. The trio is composed of two fiddle players and a percussionist, Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal (Mongolia), Dimitar Gougov (Bulgaria) and Fabien Guyot (France). Violons Barbares is three virtuosos as the masterly way takes us to the musical destination we did not know existed. The competitions and improvise - and impresses in all their creativity! Violons Barbares played in many festivals and countries, including Paléo in Nyon.



adults CHF 25.00
students CHF 15.00
stage CHF 30.00 (25.00 long distance discount) 
stage + concert CHF 40.00 (30.00 long distance discount)


Reservation: [email protected] and 078 876 89 97 (booking) or at the box office from 20.00h.

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22 - 24 August 2019, Parco di Orselina



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