Nina Dimitri, Silvana Gargiulo, Thomas Aeschbacher, Geri Zumbrunn



Songs from Latin America, Italy and Ticino

What happens when a singer from Ticino, chords from Emmental, a groovy contrabass, vocals and percussions, all framed by humor, play together?
It is simple: folk music that disrupts borders and brings heaven into the hall. Magical moments will arise and will make hearts leap.
Music from Latin America, songs from Switzerland, Ticino, Italy and original compositions.

Nina Dimitri (vocals, charango, guitar) / Thomas Aeschbacher (several Swiss organs, vocals) / Geri Zumbrunn (contrabass) / Silvana Gargiulo (vocals, percussions)

From the age of 10 | 90 min. | Music


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