OnsernoneArte 2019

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Collective exhibition of the artists Annette Korolnik - Gisela Andersch - Adriano Bellinato - Alexander Heil - Jürg Heuberger - Lorenz Rüefli.

Exhibition curated by Adriano Bellinato.

Vernissage: Saturday 4th of May 2019, at 15.00h.

Finissage: Sunday 30.06.2019, at 15.00h. Lectures with Duilio Parietti.

Opening hours:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 15.00h - 18.00h

informations and appointments: tel. 0795335948
More info:

Organized by the Municipio di Onsernone.

Legend pictures:

1. OnsernoneArte 2019
Annette Korolnik, Kleinzerlang 2
3. Gisela Andersch, Dorset 5 
4. Adriano Bellinato, Orange blossom water 
5. Alexander Heil, Dream_it!
6. Jürg Heuberger, Napoli 

7. Lorenz Rüefli, Blue Rüefli Pitbull



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