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Performa Festival promotes the possibility to bringing on stage every aspect of the daily life, which can be processed through the creativity. During four days in the cultural space of La Fabbrica in Losone, different concepts will be presented using different forms of communications.

The intention of this festival is to promote different shows with a derivation from the performing arts (theatre, dance, music), the festival seeks to create an opportunity to submit content to the public as performative. These contents may arise from any human activity, and presented with artistic intention.

Each activity can have a creative and performative side, that can be present or represented. The festival gives priority to live performative works, but it also welcomes projects that provide other modes of representation, such as installation or video. Performa festival aspire to be an interdisciplinary platform for arts, a laboratory where to present the result of research processes, a place where artist, curious and passionate can exchange their knowledge about creativity.

More info under www.performa-festival.ch or www.facebook.com/performafestival 
or #performafestival.


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