Pregnancy in Waiting


Public conference part of the symposium "Embryonic Diapause in Mammals", organized at Monte Verità from 2 til 6 June 2019.

Some animals have the remarkable ability to stop their embryos growing after conception, keeping their pregnancy waiting. Mammals like the roe deer, bears, badgers and kangaroos have perfected this and the cessation of development - called embryonic diapause- can last for up to 11 months. The embryo at this time is a ball of cells, known as the blastocyst. This capacity to cease development is found in more than 130 species of mammals, ranging from small mammals like rats, mice and shrews to large mammals like pandas, polar bears and seals. This strategy of diapause allows synchronisation of reproduction and birth of young with the most favorable conditions for their survival. Many of the species that display the trait are endangered, and a better understanding of their biology is essential for their survival. However, this developmental arrest also has a wide range of potential applications to stem cell biology and cancer cells. 

Conference in english with simultaneous traduction in italian by Prof. Marilyn Renfree, University of Melburne, Australia; by Prof. Bruce Murphy, Université de Montréal; and by Prof. Joël Bérard, AgroVet-Strickhof.

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Congressi Stefano Franscini, [email protected].

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