Progetto Brockenhaus - 3 Soldi, dalle stelle alle stalle


An intriguing modern reflection about the condition of outcasts.  


Based on the lively and grotesque universe of The Threepenny Opera by B. Brecht, this play features beggars, criminals and prostitutes. A show between theatre, dance and song, which turns into an ironic and visionary lecture about our time.

From the age of 12 - In Italian.


Ticket prices:

adults CHF 28.00
students CHF 14.00
children until 14 years CHF 10.00

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Teatro Grande
Caraa du Teatro Dimitri 10, 6653 Verscio


[email protected]

+41 58 666 67 80


05 May


  • Saturday: 20.30


Teatro Dimitri

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