Remo Rossi: In viaggio


Exibition of the artist of Locarno In Viaggio. Remo Rossi, appunti di uno scrittore.


The exhibition "In viaggio. Remo Rossi. Appunti di uno scrittore" (While on the Road. Remo Rossi. Notes of a Sculptor), that will remain open to the public from October 1st 2016 through March 5th 2017 has been the appropriate occasion to inaugurate the new headquarters of the Foundation, located in Locarno, Via Rusca 8 in the original house of the sculptor Remo Rossi (1909-1982). The mansion has been carefully and conservatively refurbished between 2012 and 2013. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and preserve the Work and the Memory of the highly recognized artist Remo Rossi through the scientific cataloguing and study of the various works and of the paper and photographic documents linked to this peculiar character. The opening of the house Remo Rossi to the public will permit on one side the access to the reordered paper-and photo-archiveand  to his art library, items thatwitness both the private and the artistic life of RR. On the other side, the refurbished headquarters will permit the organization of temporary exhibits and other cultural events. The Remo Rossi Foundation enters with this step into the circle of institutions and foundations that host historical memories of the "case d'artista" (artists' houses),while following the purpose of maintaining, valorizing and promoting the Work and the cultural legacy of those who lived and worked in those particular places.

The selected theme for the inaugural exhibit emerges from the intent to illustrate a poorly known aspect of Remo Rossi, that is his undisputable skill and feeling for drawing. This goes through the presentation of drawings that he realized in his travel notebooks, during his numerous sojourns in various countries, in particular Italy, Greece, Turkey and England. Thanks to a meticulous research and to the cooperation of the museums allegedly visited by RR, it has been possible to identify the majority of the subjects of the drawings (sculptures, archeological items, paintings) in many works of the antique classic, middle age, or Renaissance periods. The overall view on these study-drawings gives hints to the general artistic orientation of Remo Rossi,, and underline his attraction by both the classical shapes as well as the more modern tendencies that have marked the evolution of his own art. Thus, we recognize in those "cahier de voyage" several affinities with the sculptures of Rossi. Indeed, these are the "Notes of a Sculptor"that have become genuine artworks while on the road ("in viaggio").


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Legend pictures:

  1.  Remo Rossi in viaggio
  2. Notte - studio, 1960-1968 ca., pennarello nero su carta, cm 24x33.8
  3. Madonna con Bambino e Santi - studio, 1968 ca., penna a sfera su carta quadrettata, cm 12x16



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