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This year’s first temporary exhibition at the Ghisla Art Collection of Locarno is Rodrigo Matheus - Blow through the Gap, running from 9th March to 25th August 2019.

Matheus Rodrigo’s temporary exhibition "Blow through the gap" in the three rooms on the last floor and organized in collaboration with Nathalie Obadia Gallery Paris/Brussels surprises with a series of works that generate a captivating dialogue between the artistic objects and the architecture which hosts them. Part of the exhibition was created as a site-specific project for the Fondazione Ghisla.

Matheus’ sculptures show the artist’s interest for issues such as the nature of representation, design and artificiality. They consider the inherent qualities and the social circuit behind every material, pointing to the poetic potential of everyday objects.

Each of the elements thought, prepared and exposed by the artist presents not only certain references to day-to-day life, but also a precise arrangement of materials that engenders an interplay of unexpected or even surprising relationships.

The banality of these objects reminds us of everyday life, not to mention the social context and cultural practices of the viewer. Rodrigo Matheus takes the objects from reality and puts them together in the manner of a rebus, composing a sort of game in which everyone can freely interpret their meaning in a personal and cathartic way. Among other symbols, these objects evoke trades and therefore individuals and their activities.

Opening times: 
Wednesday - Sunday: 13.30h - 18.00h
Monday - Tuesday closed

Entrance fees:
CHF 15.-
CHF 13.-  Seniors (AVS)
CHF 11.-  Children (from 12 til 18 years) and students
Children til 12 years free

Audio guide system included in the entry price.

For groups with guided tour please contact us.

Accessible to people with disabilities.

More info: www.ghisla-art.ch


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1. Rodrigo Matheus
2. Rodrigo Matheus
3. Rodrigo Matheus
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