Samurai Accordion ‘TE’


Concert in collaboration with the Alpentöne festival, Johannes Rühl.


TE’ means "hand" in Japanese. 5 diatonic accordions, 5 masters.
Unchallenged masters of the instrument, 10 dancing hands on the keyboards, a blend of musical techniques, featuring different cultures, 5 decades of supporting each other, lives that are told.

These musicians are like the fingers of a hand, different, complementary, accomplices, all essential.

These ten hands, for about the same duration as a CD, take you to all the corners of Europe with harmony and complicity, anger and tenderness, both past and present, but always with great musicality.

The name "Samurai" for this group is no accident, nor the 'TE' as the title of the album.
It’s a glimpse of ancestral Japan, of our collective imagination.


with Riccardo Tesi, diatonic accordion
Kepa Junkera, trikitixa, acordeòn diatònico
Markku Lepistö, kaksirivinen haitari
David Munnelly, diatonic accordion
Simone Bottasso, diatonic accordion  



adults: CHF 25.00 
AVS and students, members e-venti culturali and club rete due: CHF 20.00
til 16 years free

The seats are not numbered.

Reservations: at tel. 079 646 16 14
Reservations online:


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