Brione s/Minusio

Sculptures and creative outdoor handicrafts 2020


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After months of quarantine, in this unusual summer marked by the rules dictated by the coronavirus, we all feel the need to be able to relax in a safe place and spend some time outdoors. So why not combine contact with nature and art?

The Municipality of Brione s/Minusio invites us to discover (or rediscover) the beauty of our region. And among the most secluded and unknown destinations, but also among the wildest in the Canton, there is "the smallest valley in Ticino", also known as Val Resa. The artistic heart of this evocative place is the Tendrasca Lake, which hosts an exhibition of sculptures and creative craftsmanship integrated in a magical terrace surrounded by woods and the Navegna stream. Immersed in the landscape and tranquillity, 33 works exhibited in the green area accompany visitors in a marriage between art and nature. Works integrated into the surrounding ecosystem, which will allow positive emotions such as harmony and lightness to emerge.


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