Sensibile è la chiara luce. Tra le parvenze fallaci... come una folgore


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Objective art of Mya Lurgo
Floating configuration of Giovanna Galimberti
InCanto (EnChantment) of Nadia Radici

The watcher is taken towards a new perception.
Contemporary art captures the spectators and drives them towards the work they desire most, but what if we wanted to understand the creative intention injected by the artist? Are our sensory organs capable of this? The Armenian Mystic Gurdjieff doubts it.
The performance, reserved to a group of 20 or less people, searches through this extraordinary path.

The pictorial and light work, created at the Museum Elisarion, engulfs the spectator in an atmosphere of researched eurhythmical movements and experienced vocal sounds, developed to enchant ordinary perfection so that the artist can stir in you, like a lightning, the pure and immediate vision, free from subjective preconceptions.
The peculiarity of the performance is that it maintains the intention or artistic substance mentally alive and unchanged for the whole duration of the pictorial gesturing: thirty-tree hours of concentration, split among four days designed to circumvent, with a specific technique, every thought not included into the expected content, because the intention in-forms.

This is the challenge of the clear light to reach unanimously, during the performance, the same heartfelt feeling.


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