Sound Designs in the Hill-Garden at Teatro San Materno

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Sound Designs in the Hill-Garden at Teatro San Materno, created by artist Andres Bosshard.


Vernissage: Sunday, the 27th of May at 5pm, opening event with artist Andres Bosshard and musician Charlotte Hug

Finissage: Saturday 9th of June, at 8.30pm, closing show with the Project Sigurd Leeder, Dance Heritage.


Visitors are invited to stroll through Teatro San Materno’s Bauhaus style architecture, pausing wherever they like, whatever the day, hour and however they: on a chair, with a blanket or otherwise on the lawn, on the large terrace, under the cherry Tree, on the stairs or in some inner hidden corner, simply to enjoy the beauty of idleness.

People may want to read, dance, act,... everyone is invited to occupy these magical spaces and gently abandon themselves.
From time to time, dancers and poets will be around, in addition to other parallel events taking place.

The hill-garden on which Teatro San Materno’s Bauhaus architecture lays is the perfect location to host to a musically scored project. The paths, the stairs, the entrance wall, the different terraces, balconies and green spaces echo the architectural elements of the building. A score that recalls the choreography of a dance destined for these fragments of landscape and scenery. A dance not only for dancers, but a reminder of a dance of sounds: a ‘choreophony’. The entrance, for example, with the reverberating wall of the staircase that reaches up to the roof terrace, generates very special acoustics.

Thanks to Teatro San Materno’s architecture and public performances, you may feel like being in a wonderful park of art and history, a door that opens toward both Ascona and Monte Verità.
A project including the outer space of San Materno’s little island requires a particular art, an art capable of creating a sound space. For some thirty years, Andres Bosshard has been developing instruments to suit such a space, which, in the open environment of the garden, are now able to create an ideal location for listening.

Free entry to the garden.


Tickets for the vernissage:

adults: CHF 20.00 
AVS and students CHF 15.00
til 16 years free

The seats are not numbered.

Reservations: at tel. 079 646 16 or online on


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