Structured Detour: Marion Baruch

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From the 19th May until 15th of June 2019, la rada - independent space for contemporary art in Locarno - hosts Structured Detour: Marion Baruch, a, exhibiton curated by Noah Stolz.

Structured Detour is a show focusing on language, portraying language’s spontaneous construction and the multiplicity of forms it contains in its potential state. Such forms are places of memory, of retrieval, or more simply of contemplation. Every look at the abstract nature of language – whether composed of sounds, images, forms or words – meets a place of recovering. Since 2012, Marion Baruch has been focusing on the relationship between memory and language: she will now dialogue with the spaces of la rada. This is a unique occasion for Ticino art lovers to meet an outstanding artist, who only recently has been rediscovered by Noah Stolz, former director of the independent art space of Locarno. 

The expression structured detour comes from anthropology and describes the structure of the African costume of the palabre whose use is widespread in many regions of the African continent and its former colonies. It consists in the spontaneous constitution of a social institution, a sort of assembly in which usually the whole village participates, and where each session deals with issues of social interest in the most democratic possible way, allowing everyone to express his view. Every topic dealt within the context of a palabre is the subject of extensive negotiation and in-depth consultation of each other. Each palabre follows a mediation protocol that allows participants to gradually distance themselves from a symbolic reading of events. This way, through a structured detour, everyone has the possibility to metabolize a sentence, or a decision that will be the result of a common path in which everyone can identify. 

Marion Baruch's "sculptures" are works made using production left-overs from prêt-à-porter workshops. 

Vernissage: Saturday 18th May 2019, 6.00 pm.

Opening Hours: 

Thursday-Saturday, 2-7 pm or on appointment

Free entry.

More info: www.larada.ch or [email protected].


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