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Every so often a new reality arises in the art scene, even in Ticino. The last important reality was born in Lugano and is called Tristebacio: an open collective, currently made up of four boys and two girls born at the end of the millennium.
During the festival, the Tristebacio club moves to Locarno and shows itself in the welcoming windows of Pizzagate, the new space located next to the large Rotonda, in via ai Saleggi 5, next to the rationalist building of the Studio Vacchini. Two showcases visible at any time of day or night, where Tristebacio will be able to present itself in two exhibitions, starting with the opening night of the Locarno festival.

Sudden Death, an exhibition curated by Riccardo Lisi, will open on Wednesday 4 August at 9 pm: an instant show that comes suddenly like a gunshot in a hard-boiled crime film.
This first exhibition sees the presence of works by three artists from 1999: Milo Frapolli, Nicola Martinelli and Manuele Rezzonico. Like a good part of the Tristebacio collective, their communicative urgency was expressed above all in the street, through graffiti, but it passed naturally on canvas and other media.
The exhibition will also include a video prepared by a collaborator of Tristebacio, Stefano Molo, on the theme of the ambiguity of perception.

A collective that has www.tristebacio.club as its website, a club that invites everyone to this first exhibition in Pizzagate, with the inauguration in sequence with respect to Omega Transit, the project by Hanna Hildebrand that opens at la rada - a stone's throw away - always Wednesday 4 August, but at 6pm.
Pizzagate is a contemporary art project hosted and supported by the take-away pizzeria Punto P.

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