Gerra Piano

Summer Festival 2018

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Festival organized by Gruppo Giovani di Cugnasco-Gerra Piano-Gudo with bbq, live concerts, music and a loto of fun.


The program:

Friday 8th September

at 18.00h: begin of the Summer Festival 2018
at 19.30h (approx): bbq (organized by the Carnevale Sciavatt&Gatt)

followed by music with the group Bandalarga dance band 3.0

Saturday 8th September

at 09.00h: torneo di footbalino da tavolo in Gerra
at 12.00h: lunch with maccheroni
at 18.30h: aperitif
at 19.00h: dinner witt pizza and concerts with F-Way, Vasco Jam and with the DJ Michelangelo Calzascia

Sunday 9th September

at 10.30h: conference and official part at the Centro professionale of Cugnasco-Gerra
at 11.30h: opening of the place with the "Villaggio dell'energia"
at 12.30h: lunch offered
at 14.00h: celebrations for the 10 years of the municipality of Cugnasco-Gerra, tests with electric bicycles and music

Monday 10th September

at 11.45h: meeting in the place for all over 60
followed by a lunch with polenta and brasato
afternoon with entertainment and music

Tuesday 11th September

at 20.00h: tombola with a lot of prices, open to everybody

Wednesday 12th September

at 14.00h: meeting at the Parco giochi
in the afternoon entertainmente and a snack until 16.30h
at 20.00h: concert in the church of Gerra with the choirs Coro Cantadonna, Coralina di Gnosca and with Vos di Locarno.

Thursday 13th September

at 18.00h: aperitif and moments of charity with Telethon

Friday 14th September

at 18.00h: aperitif
at 19.00h: Karaoke evening with Ferro&Mario

Saturday 15th September

at 18.00h: opnening of the place
at 19.00h: dinner with Cheese Fondue - limited places, please book your place by Susanna (tel. 079 291 96 65 - [email protected])
at 20.30h: illusionistic show
at 21.30h: dance night with Rita & Gio

Sunday 16th September

at 10.30h: Holy Mass in the church of San Giovani Bosco (Gerra Piano)
at 11.15h: aperitif
at 12.15h (approx.): lunch with with Pasta and many sauces
at 13.00h: afternoon with the Sound of Glory
at 16.00h: lottery draw
at 16.30h: official closing of the edition 2018 of the Summer Festival


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