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Swiss Design with Riccardo Blumer, director of the Mendrisio Architecture Academy and design architect, who tells us about his vision and his exploration of some Swiss objects. 
Each object implies an action: cut, sew, cook, illuminate, fight, play, ... are gender activities which require ‘tools’. Their productive actions ‘effectively’ realize the culture of the different ages. That's also why they were buried together with people. I have bought many: Swiss, patent-branded, with the crossbow symbol, place of manufacture, wording of origin, cross. An unmistakable mark. The main boundaries were the era (modern) and the cost (less than 100 CHF). No guns and furniture. Used only. In working order. “Through them, I enjoy delving into the ancient actions of transformation of the world, and how these objects were given a design, a material, generally featuring excellent operation. I'm not a collector, I am just gathering (Swiss) thing". 

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