That Fabric Between Us

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Distance, stay close. Out of arm’s length it begins to look like war. A strong definite lead on the other hand avoids getting too rough. Move well so you can think of something else or carry on a conversation. Act all the time like glass reaching out for a hand. Share flatness as the table does. Direct brute openness to form because everything that breaks up builds relations. Bake a key.

That Fabric Between Us: An exhibition on interrelational conditions and affections. From organisms and things, among blood bonds and adoration, between internalized thinking, projection and censorship – we are linked and connected; we position ourselves towards others and things, groups and mechanisms, acting on suggestions or abandoning ourselves to an impulse. What are those encounters / these touches to one or the many; and what does the in-between offer? What makes us move or feel for? A walk with ideals and estrangement, orientation and dissipation.

With the artists Laura de Bernardi (CH), Myriam van Imschoot (BE), Gerwin Luijendijk (NL), Eric Philippoz (CH), Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa (PT), Andrée Julikà Tavares (CH), Esmée Valk (NL) and Kathrin Wolkowicz (DE).

Exhibition curated by Kathrin Wolkowicz.


Vernissage: Saturday 28th July 2018, at 6 p.m.


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Tuesday - Saturday 14.00h - 18.00h
Monday and on holidays closed



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