Ueli Bichsel & Silvana Gargiulo - Nichtsnutz



A tragicomic show, in which two clowns invite us to laugh and also to think.

“Nichtsnutz” literally means good for nothing. And the two clowns who build a prison on stage and lead the audience through its bars may seem like they are good for nothing. Good for nothing maybe, but definitely full of enthusiasm and especially an extraordinary sense for the absurd! In an apparently casual manner, the two confront the delicate theme of our constant quest for a better life. In this entertaining and poetic show, thanks to the naivety of these two clowns, one of the most important questions is asked: what exactly does it mean to be free? 

From the age of 14 - in German

Ticket prices:
adults CHF 35.00
students CHF 22.00
children until 14 years CHF 12.00

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