Vent Negru Trio in concert


Music from Ticino… and its surrounding areas. In Italian, German and French.


Mauro Garbani and Esther Rietschin founded Vent Negru in 1991.

They were inspired by the rich heritage of folk songs and music from the Southern Parts of the Alps, that were passed on orally or in written form by the first people who gathered them. Ethnomusical research, personal performances and compositions of new folk songs.

In a church, inn, square or theatre, Mauro and Esther will carry on with their journey, marked by storytellers of times now past.

“Old melodies and songs, shared by strong emotions, that bring to the surface, to the soul, the echoes and the powerful words that were spoken both today and yesterday, aiming to support and legitimise what we are.” (Arnaldo Alberti).


With Mauro Garbani – voice, organ, guitar, ocarina

Esther Rietschin – voice, sax contralto and soprano, accordeon, ocarina, drums

Mattia Miranda – accordion


More info: www.ventnegru.ch.



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