Zal - A tribute to Frédéric Chopin


Charity gala in favor of the R. Steiner School of Minusio with herdeg&desponds.


A journey through the life and work of composer and piano player Frédéric Chopin. By mixing contemporary theatre & dance and a piano recital, the artists deal with the main topics in Chopin’s life: his homesickness for Poland, his inspirational force while composing, his illness, his shyness towards the audience.

The word “zal” means ‘a grief-stricken regret after an unavoidable loss and a resignation to destiny’. It stands for the general attitude towards Chopin’s life, as expressed in his music.

From the age of 14.


André Desponds, piano
Andrea Herdeg, dance

Directed by Jean-Martin Moncéro


Ticket prices:

adults CHF 25.00
youth CHF 12.00

reserve your ticket by the School R. Steiner, tel. 091 752 31 02


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