Lake Sfundau

San Carlo

A visit to Lake Sfundau is only recommended for those with children of a certain age. To get to the lake, follow the ridge to the east of the hut, up to Lielp. From here continue along the road to Lake Bianco. Then follow the very steep mountain path that climbs up to Lake Nero. At the first fork bear left and climb up beyond a rocky wall, then cross through a pass near a rocky peak. During the gentle descent down to the water you will be able to admire the fantastic view over the mountain lake (time required: 2h).

You can go back the way you came or follow an interesting path that heads west, crossing over rocky ground and eventually making its way back to the road you followed up to Lake Bianco. From here you can walk back to Robièi (time required: 1.5h).

We recommend setting a few days aside to explore the whole area.

Excursion to the hut:
It takes quite a long time to get there, but once you have arrived the Basodino Hut (1856 m) it is only a 15-minute walk down into the valley. There is a cableway from San Carlo, at the far end of Valle Maggia, to Robièi. You can see the hut from here. If you prefer to walk rather than take the cableway, it is a 2-hour uphill climb.

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