Basodino Glacier Trail

San Carlo

An excursion to the foot of the Basodino Glacier is an opportunity to discover a unique region sculpted by the glaciers that have carved their tracks through the various geological eras. Discover a landscape that is both impressive and fragile in its own way. As you explore with sensitivity and respect, admire the rocks, flowers and animals that live in a natural setting that opens a window onto the past.

As you leave the gentle shores of Lake Maggiore behind and cross the Vallemaggia to the last village in the Bavona Valley, take the funicular to Robiei to be greeted by a vast hydroelectric landscape accessible during the summer. Among the surrounding mountains, to the east shines the majestic Basodino Glacier that covers an area of approximately 2 km² on the slopes of the mountain of the same name that soars to 3,273 m.

The glacier trail that leads into the area opposite the glacier begins a short distance from the funicular station, near the Lake Zott dam. It has been declared a flood plain area of national importance, with the aim of protecting a rare ecosystem rich in animal and plant species. The trail allows hikers to discover moraines, erratic boulders, glacial flutes and the typical pioneer vegetation that settles between the cracks and flat surfaces that contain small pockets of humus. It is also possible to spot marmots, chamois, ibex and other animal species.

The route is also suitable for families with young children, because it does not present particular technical difficulties, but some passages require caution. 

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