Brissago - Ronco s. Ascona - Ascona


The strong fragrance of mimosas, well-tended palm gardens and simply unsurpassable views of the deep-blue Lake Maggiore - these are the distinguishing attributes of this hike.

The tour is a typical spring hike. The temperatures are not yet too high, but the natural progressionof spring has already reached the stage where conditions are ideal for a wonderful day in Switzerland's sunshine capital. And while comfortably sipping a cappuccino at the Piazza of Ascona, you can let the day go by in a Monte Verità - Mountain of Truth, Mountain of Art.
The author Hermann Hesse stayed at a health resort in Monte Verità in 1907. The mountain above Ascona was considered to be the artistic landscape par excellence. Between the years of 1926 and 1958 about 35,000 Swiss and foreign visitors took up residence here or spent a few days here, on the magical mountain.

In Ascona or in the grottos, you will discover culinary expertise and wonderful specialties of Ticino. For instance, ask for Saltimbocca: fried veal cutlet with basil leaves and ham; Ossobuco: braised knuckle of veal; Piccata: veal cutlet in an egg-cheese crust; Brasato: braised beef. Enjoy, while you savor the view of the lake and the mountains!

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