Discovering the kiln in the beech forest



A circular walk through an area dominated by beech trees, all the way to the ancient lime kiln, past a number of beautiful firs. A path to walk at any time of year, savouring the transformations of the beech. For many, the soft light that filters through the beech foliage in spring is one of the most beautiful woodland features to be seen.

The excursion starts in the square in Palagnedra. On your way out of the village, follow signs for Bordei-Rasa, Moneto, Ghiridone. In half an hour you will reach Boladee, surrounded by a beautiful agricultural landscape, with far-reaching views over Centovalli. From here, at the end of a country road, continue in the direction of Pian Sciresa and then Moneto. In quarter of an hour we come to Pian Sciresa, where we enter the forest Reserve. 
We make our way into a vast beech wood, which is still young due to logging carried out in the not too distant past. The foliage is dense, allowing very little light to enter. As we continue, other trees such as the Norway spruce begin to appear alongside the beeches, and those who are interested will note the presence of some very unusual stones along the path. In twenty minutes we come to the kiln, surrounded by huge beech trees. It is a beautiful spot to stop for a while. 
An information board describes the procedure for making the lime used to whitewash the buildings in Palagnedra. The large kiln was abandoned towards the end of the 19th century, after centuries of activity. The beautiful restoration is very recent. Taking the lower path, we enter some truly magnificent environments with unusual atmospheres. The large Norway spruces are truly evocative. In three quarters of an hour we are back at the starting point.

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