Famous alpeggi in Vallemaggia


The route takes you to 2 alpeggi in Alta Val Lavizzara.

Leave the car at the village of Fusio in Vallemaggia, then continue on the footpath towards Lago Mognola for 35 minutes as far as Vacarisc.
Alpe Vacarisc is about 5 minutes further on the left. Here they make semi-soft full fat cheese (70% cow and 30 % goat).

If you want to go to Campo La Torba you can continue by car from Fusio or else go by foot ( Variante A; about three hours) following the signs to Diga del Sambuco, Laghi di Naret as far as Cantine. The houses are perched on the rim of a wide dip. The VALLEMAGGIA D cheese is made of a mixture of cows' and goats' milk . They also make the rare 'formaggio della paglia' or 'straw cheese' which is much sought after for it's particular flavour. Robiole, buttermilk and ricotta are all for sale.

At Mogno, a part of Fusio, there's the little church of S. Giovanni Battista, redesigned by the architect Mario Botta, and well worth a visit.

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