Lodano - Castèll - Alp da Canaa - Alp di Pii - Soláda d Zóra - Lodano


An excursion to explore the forest species and nature of Valle di Lodano.

This hike takes you right through the center of the valley to discover a part of the forest reserve and its varied arboreal vegetation: chestnut groves, pioneer forests, and woods of beech, larch, Norway spruce, and silver fir.

Once you reach Alp da Canaa, on the slopes of Cramalína, the itinerary continues to Alp di Pii, also home to a small alpine lake and a unique biotope, and then descending back down the valley.
The natural scenery and features of this journey are striking.

Day 1: Lodano - Castèll - Alp da Canaa, 6.5 km, 4h 30 min.

Day 2: Alp da Canaa - Alp di Pii - Lodano, 8 km, 3h 10 min.

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