Monte Comino - Mosogno


The excursion takes you from Centovalli to Valle Onsernone on a rather easy, mostly wooded path.

Reach Monte Comino with the modern suspended cable car that departs next to the main road, not far from the Verdasio stop on the Centovallina train. If you prefer to get a workout, hike up from Verdasio or Corcapolo.

Monte Comino is situated on a wide, natural terrace in a very sunny location. From the arrival point of the cable car head toward the small church of Madonna della Segna. A little further ahead is the Pian della Segna peat bog, with plant and animal species typical of marshy environments. Shortly thereafter take the path that descends into the woods until the «Ponte Nuovo» bridge and cross the Isorno River (beware of possible snow in springtime).

From here climb briefly up the other side of the small valley, on a rather steep trail, passing through Mosogno di Sotto, a picturesque cluster of old stone buildings, still intact, surrounded by pergola vineyards. Ascend a few more minutes until you reach Mosogno, from where you can take the post bus back to Locarno.

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