Monte Comino - Slögna - Intragna


Mostly downhill walk from Monte Comino to Intragna, the main village of Centovalli, known for having the highest bell tower in Ticino.

Reach Monte Comino with the modern suspended cable car that departs next to the main road, not far from the Verdasio stop on the Centovallina train.
Monte Comino is situated on a wide, natural terrace in a very sunny location. From the place of arrival of the suspended cable car descend into the woods toward Slögna. The first stretch is fairly steep. Past Slögna, walk through a small valley until you reach the paved road.
Follow the road until Case Cavalli. From here take the paved road until Costa, from where the trail descends along a small valley and then ascends on the other side, and then reach Pila, a characteristic cluster of old houses. Another half hour downhill and you reach Intragna. Here, visit the Ethnographic Museum of Centovalli and Pedemonte as well as the bell tower, which you can climb.

If you wish to shorten the hike, walk until Costa and then take the small suspended cable car down to Intragna.

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