Mountains and lake - Educational trail


The route connects the two extremities of Gambarogno municipality, going from Dirinella in Caviano on the Italian border to Contone in the middle of Magadino Plain.


The educational trail “Between the mountains and the lake”, which includes the homonymous mountain path along the border between Gambarogno and the valleys of the Luino district, passes through woods, meadows and villages with enchanting views and panoramas as well as industrial and agricultural areas and roads, a complete snapshot of Gambarogno and its uniqueness.

The forty or so themed panels made with the help of the schools in Gambarogno, tell evocative tales of times past as well as more modern stories about the big changes to the landscape over the past 150 years; from the advent of the railway to the channelling of the Ticino river and subsequent land reclamation and the area's anthropisation.

They are fascinating stories for visitors with historic facts and geographic and scientific information, details of old trades and new settlements, industrial activity and the growth of tourism, fauna and flora; all subjects with a direct connection to the reality of the municipality and Gambarogno Riviera.

The panels are for a broad public from primary schoolchildren to tourists of all ages and from all over. You can follow the trail in both directions or in stages, as it is long and there are plenty of good parking areas.

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