Mountains and lake: an educational trail


This route winds its way along the boundary between the Gambarogno and the Valli del Luinese.
The educational trail is part of a longer one entitled Tra Monti e Lago, between the mountains and the lake, which winds back and forth along the boundary between the Gambarogno and the Valli del Luinese.It links Dirinella (the part of Caviano located on the Italian border) with San Nazzaro, passing through woods, meadows and the occasional old hamlet.

Twenty interpretation panels have been placed along the route, which rises and falls between the shores of Lake Maggiore and the first mountain terraces. These deal with various aspects of the Riviera del Gambarogno's geography, history, science and culture, and are aimed at everyone from primary school children to the tourists of all ages who visit the region from across the world.

You can follow the route in either direction, and there are some pleasant places to stop off along the way, particularly in Gerra Gambarogno and Vairano.

Look out for...
The playground in Vairano and the lido in Gerra Gambarogno, both of which are ideal places to picnic.
The public laundry in Caviano dates from the late 19th century, and comprises a rectangular pool with a four-pitched roof supported by distinctive cast-iron columns. It was used by local housewives until the 1960s. The church of Santa Maria Nascente in Caviano, and that of Santi Nazzaro e Celso in San Nazzaro, are also worth a visit.

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