Robiei and its lakes at the foot of the Basodino glacier


From San Carlo in Val Bavona, set in an alpine area dotted with enormous boulders, rock walls and a wild natural environment, take the cableway to Robiei, the starting point of this looped route. The cableway is undoubtedly the most comfortable and thrilling way to reach Robiei and admire the surrounding landscape, while suspended in the void. In just 15 minutes you reach the beautiful Robiei area at the foot of the Basodino glacier at 1900m, close to the dam, where you can marvel over the stunning views of the Ticinese Alps. Basodino is the most majestic and important of the Ticino glaciers, a sparkling white ice cap reaching 3273m, set against a splendid landscape of granite and gneiss.
The trek starts from the station on top of the cableway, taking you to the left side of the Robiei lake. A panoramic viewpoint is located on the little pass taking you to the path toward Lake Bianco. You then descend along the right side, and you'll notice that not only the lake and the melt water from the glacier sparkle in the sun, but the crystals along the path, as well. Indeed, Robiei is well known for its richness of minerals.
Once you reach the far end of the lake, the path carries on, changing direction, through the Lielp alpage, where cows, goats and pigs happily graze and the exquisitely tasty 'Vallemaggia' cheese is produced, alongside butter and ricotta. Continue on, slightly downhill, toward the Basodino mountain hut. Here, if you look carefully, it is possible to observe a plethora of wild animals including alpine marmots, alpine ibex and chamois standing proudly on the crests. You then return to the cableway station at the top, where the route ends.


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  • Dogs
  • Adults
  • kids
  • Limited wheelchair access
  • With alpine huts
  • Lift facilities
  • Lakes and rivers
  • Nature

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